The necessity has been realized that children friendly atmosphere is need to the Children who were abused and adversely affected in many ways.  And the children are able to express their ideas and opinions oppressed earlier and to spend the daytime with a relaxation happily there. At the same time normal children are able to experience an alternative learning situation (except their schools and the schoolsyllabus) without thrust and strains in the Centre. It is needed that the suggested alternative learning situation in the Centre has to be a good model and a venue of joyful learning. The normal minds of majority of people in the region have been affected by long lasting war. The families are decomposed. Nature loving life is destroyed. Redresses mechanisms and relief process amongst relatives, friends and kith and kens were lost in the region. Alternative has to be considered.  In this abnormal situation full of violence, stress & strains resulted by the tragic memories of war are experienced by the children. At least for giving relaxation and healthy mood of enjoyment to the children, interest was shown to establish these types of Centers. Due to the new socio-economical trend resulted by globalization children have already lost the chances to share their success and failures and views with their parents who are in their hurries with their immediacies. Amongst people of the region there is a severe poverty in creating children-literature, children art, children films and children parks. There are abnormal reflections and reactions observed from the children because of the above-mentioned reasons. In this stage, places like Centre for Children’s Happiness have to be established to create children-friendly environment to give relief and redress to them. Preliminary stage of the concept is the build-up of Centre for Children’s Happiness in Jaffna. 

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