Children’s Centre provides the following services to the children and their families:

  • Family support, including support for parents with special needs (Through network)  
  • Giving psychosocial & psychological games and exercises to develop self confidence, positive thinking, and creative skills among the children. Motivating the social activities through children.
  • Health services for the identified children through network and referral systems.
  • Effective links with local organizations, training providers on children’s issues.
  • Effective links with Children’s Services, neighborhood preschools, and village level Clubs and Schools.
  • Abused and affected children identified by NGO which are working with child issues can be given expressive therapy by the same NGO’s proper workers. The children who are brought directly are to be dealt by the Center’s psychosocial worker
  • Facilitating to the normal children to spend their leisure time happily
  • Conducting workshops intermittently to motivate and develop the creative skills of the children
  • Career guidance and counseling
  • Helping children to perform their special talents and skills by forming different children’s circles among the CCH members