According to the need assessment, the war affected Jaffna society intend that the provision of good quality integrated services and place for child participation, environment for emotional health and psychosocial wellbeing should have broad and lasting impact on children, their parents, and the wider community. It was stressed that forming child – friendly atmosphere necessary for the healthy growth of the children should be taken and introduced at village levels This Children’s Centre will contribute towards the society’s commitment and expectations by introducing the following matters; knowledge, skills, responsibilities, and roles of children as well as parents and community through its activities and models

·   Importance of relaxation, joy, participation, sharing, and communication activities

·   Methods which could be applied for children’s personality development; and moral   development.

·    Affordable, qualitative childcare

·   Establishing stronger and safer communities for children  

·   Developing a common place for child participation and exchange programmes

·   Developing mutual understanding among children

·   Peace building activities

·   Provide a stage to encourage and express children’s extra curricular skills

·   Establish ideal Child-counseling spots and rooms.

  The concept itself is not new. Children’s Centres are meant for building on existing good practice, rather than starting afresh. A significant number of families with young children already benefit from good quality integrated services. Children’s Centres enhance these services and extend the benefits to more families — bringing an integrated approach to service delivery to areas where it is most needed.