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* More than 700 children have got the membership at the centre

* Approximately 450 children are using the centre every month (15 per day)

* Importance of a child friendly environment was explained to the visited parents

* Child participation is being increased among the different religion, cast, and gender. They have empowered to run own activities at the centre.

* POs have got a place to have mixed activities among their children clubs.

* Some other NGOs and GOs are using the centre and relationship was established.

* Monitoring & management mechanism was established already with the help of voluntary personals who are in different roles in Government and NGOs.

* The centre has registered under the government as a charity resource centre for children.

* Monthly child friendly space meeting is being conducted, more organizations participating at this meeting.

* The support from University and Education department (from the interested persons on child development) was received through the discussions. Some of the staff took responsibilities to monitor and manage the centre at voluntary basis.

* Some basic structures were created and ideas of the centre were sprat among the community rapidly.